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Chapter 2308: I Dont Understand

Lu Xingzhis mouth twitched stiffly as he was treated like a three-year-old child by his young wife.

“I will not break my promise to you.”

Jiang Yao only smiled in contentment after hearing Lu Xingzhis assurance.

“The weather is cold,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“Put the car window up.” He waved his hand at Big Ke after ensuring the car window was closed.

Big Ke drove steadily.

The car left Lu Xingzhis line of sight in a short while.

Lu Xingzhi stood there as if nothing had happened and put his hands in his pockets as he turned around with a relaxed expression.

After he returned, Lu Xingzhi called Mrs.

Jiang to the study room to talk for a long time.

More than half an hour later, Mrs.

Jiang came out of the study room with red eyes and a worried expression.

Lu Xingzhi had already told Mrs.

Jiang everything he needed to tell her.

However, as a mother, she could not help but worry.

After Mrs.

Jiang left, Lu Xingzhi called Liang Yueze again to tell him about the situation on his side.

That matter would definitely blow up; it would blow up even more than the incident of the passenger ship being hijacked.

It was autumn, and that was the favorite season of the people in Luo City.

It was not the rainy spring, the scorching heat of summer, or the severe cold of winter; autumn seemed to be the most energetic season of the year.

As night fell, the people would sit in the courtyard after dinner to chat about their day.

The women would gossip about their families.

“Oh, right! I heard that someone saw Colonel Lu leave his home today.

I heard that he had recovered quite well.

This time, Colonel Lu has made another great contribution.

The end of the year is coming soon.

There will definitely be a lot of commendations for Colonel Lu at the end of the year.

Perhaps he will be promoted again.”

“Isnt it certain that Colonel Lus rank will rise again How many great contributions has he made in the past year Hasnt he contributed too much to the army Even Colonel Shao isnt as capable as him.”

“Do you think hes that capable My husband mentioned that Colonel Lu has a strong backer.

He came from Jindo City with his connections.

Its just a formality for someone like him to make contributions.

He can rise quickly with his connections.”

‘What do you think his wife did to grab a husband like him” The young woman looked envious.

“Hes handsome, has good abilities, and dotes on his wife.

Shes pregnant, and her mother lives here to take care of her.

Why do you think her life is so good Do her brother and sister-in-law have any objections”

‘What about her mother-in-law Is it normal for her mother-in-law to treat her well Its not rare for a brother to dote on his sister.

Look at her mother-in-law.

She treats her like her own daughter.

Everyone is envious of her great fortune.”

At that moment, an elderly lady entered and casually found a chair to sit on.

She made a tongue-clicking motion.

‘My daughters mother-in-law is a poisonous woman.

My daughter is pregnant and still has to do whatever she wants, but my son-in-law wont say anything.

It is extremely irritating.”

After that, the old woman patted her thigh and said, “I saw a commotion just now, and I went to see what had happened.

It seems like Colonel Lus wife hasnt returned home yet.

She seems to have gone missing.”Please read new chapter at B o n n o v e l.com

“What Missing Didnt you say you saw her go to university during the day” someone asked.

“Then I dont understand.

I just heard it.

Colonel Lu and Mrs.

Jiang seem very anxious,” the old woman said..

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