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Chapter 2307: Choose To Ignore Me

Lu Xingzhi had wanted to persuade Jiang Yao not to bring the flowers, but when he saw Jiang Yaos hesitation, he could not bring himself to say anything.

He did not hesitate to assist her, but he was hesitant to give her the flower bouquet.

Lu Xingzhis heart was suffocating.

He still had to compete with the bouquet of flowers he had given himself.

It was extremely difficult for him to open up to someone.

However, Lu Xingzhi eventually agreed with Jiang Yao.

It did not matter as long as she was happy.

Lu Xingzhi gave a few instructions to Mrs.

Jiang before sending Jiang Yao out of the army base.

On the way, someone saw the couple.

Lu Xingzhi held Jiang Yaos hand and stopped to talk to them.

“Colonel Lu, you seem to be recovering well.

Youve been staying at home and have not come out during this period.

We havent seen you, so were quite worried about you.”

“There are countless wounds on his body, big and small, but hes wearing clothes to cover them.

In addition, this guy can pretend.

Im going to the university.

I didnt want him to see me off.

However, he insisted,” Jiang Yao said on behalf of Lu Xingzhi; her tone was full of reproach.

‘You soldiers dont take your own bodies seriously.

The soldiers are all the same among the patients Ive treated, always choosing to ignore medical advice.”

“Doctor Jiang, Im an exception.

Even if I got struck by a nail, I needed to recuperate for three days.

But Colonel Lu wouldnt approve my leave.

I was afraid it would affect my health if I didnt take the time to recuperate.

Youre a doctor.

Why dont you give me a leave of absence for three days”

When that person spoke, he even waved his nail-pierced fingers.

His tone was so exaggerated and funny that it made Jiang Yao laugh.

‘Arent you in a hurry to get to the university I wont keep you then.”

When Jiang Yao criticized Lu Xingzhi, she mentioned that she had to rush to university, so that person was tactful and did not continue to chat with her.

‘Wes, there was a problem with the experiment in the laboratory.

My good weekend is ruined again.” Jiang Yao pretended to be helpless as she explained.

Then, she turned around and left with Lu Xingzhi.

Lu Xingzhi was silent throughout the journey.

However, everyone in the army knew he was a man of few words.

Therefore, everyone was used to it.

Instead, everyone said Mrs.

Lu was a gentle and amiable person.

People even privately analyzed how a gentle lady like Mrs.

Lu married a cold-faced Colonel Lu.

Ah Lu and Big Ke were waiting for Jiang Yao in the car.

Lu Xingzhi sent Jiang

Yao to them and said, “Dont worry, Ive already made the arrangements.

Master Chengs men will pick you up when you arrive in the city.”

Lu Xingzhi had already made all of the necessary preparations.

When Master Cheng summoned him, he only needed to issue an order.

He would undoubtedly do everything perfectly because it was related to Jiang Yao.

Jiang Yao nodded and stuck her head out to kiss Lu Xingzhis side profile.

“You should go back.

Walk slowly.

Ive left the medicine at home.

You must remember to apply the medicine every day.

You mustnt touch water or train secretly.

You know the consequences if I find out youre disobedient again!”Yes,” Lu Xingzhi replied straightforwardly.

Jiang Yao had a doubtful look on her face.

Then she said helplessly, “Be good.

You must be good.

If I am not with you, dont do anything that worries me..”

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