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When Luo Lingsheng, Shi Yunnan, and the others arrived at the hotel, all the teachers of the summer camp and two private bodyguards were already waiting.

The principal, who was in charge of the summer camp, trembled and said, “Mr.

Luo, youre finally here.

Im really sorry, we…”

Shi Yunnan interrupted, “Principal Cheng, now is not the time to apologize.

Youd better pray that our child is okay.

Its not too late to apologize later.”

The principal was surprised by Shi Yunnan, but when he saw him standing side by side with Luo Lingsheng, he immediately responded, “Yes, yes, yes.”

Little Goldfish must not have an accident; otherwise, even if Luo Lingsheng didnt file a complaint, the teachers and the kindergarten would suffer accordingly when the news spread.


Luo, why dont you call the police The sooner you report this matter to the police, the better!”

Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng looked at each other, and the latter said coldly, “I wont call the police for the time being.

The other party threatened to kill the hostage if we called the police.

Im waiting until tomorrow morning to exchange money for the child.”

When the teachers heard this, they all fell silent.

In a legal society, calling the police was the best option.

But if the criminal accidentally found out that you called the police, he might heartlessly “harm the child.” Thus, they didnt dare “persuade” the childs guardians.

“Principal Cheng, I want the list of your accompanying staff for this summer camp! I want all of them now!” Shi Yunnan resolutely ordered.

“Okay, Ill go get it right away.” The principal was very responsive to their every request.

Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng glanced at each other; they already had a plan in mind.

How could they not call the police when something like this happened

As soon as they arrived in Fang City, they asked Qin Jian to report to the police with all the existing evidence but deliberately did not mention it in front of the summer camp teachers.

As for the reason, Shi Yunnan suspected that there was a spy planted by Luo Yanchuan in the summer camps group.

Otherwise, as a “fugitive” and an outsider, how could Luo Yanchuan grasp everything about the “summer camp trip” in such a short period of time

He not only avoided the centralized monitoring area but also chose to leave through the back door with the least flow of people.

This was definitely not a temporary motive or a pre-reconnaissance action that could be achieved by one person.

Whether such a guess was accurate or not, Shi Yunnan couldnt take a single risk.

The police must be reported, but the safety of Little Goldfish must also be ensured.

“Patriarch, Mr.

Shi, this is the small bag and smart watch that the young master left behind.” Two bodyguards who were in charge of outdoor protection stepped forward and spoke in fear.

This time they made a major mistake, and their jobs will definitely be lost.

They just hope that the young master can return to the Patriarch and Mr.

Shis side safe and sound.

Shi Yunnan took the two things, and a trace of restrained worry appeared in his eyes.

The outer shell of the smartwatch had been completely broken, apparently crushed by human trampling, and the outside of the small bag was stained with mud.

Shi Yunnan didnt care about the mess.

He gently patted the dust off with his hands before unzipping the small bag—there were only a few scattered fruit candies inside and three crushed and damaged little sugar figures.

“Little uncle, the teacher took us to the place where the sugar figurines are made today.

I secretly spent money to buy three sugar figurines: one for Uncle, one for you, and one for me, okay”

Shi Yunnan remembered the phone call with Little Goldfish not long ago, and unconsciously clenched the items in his palm.

Shi Yunnan asked, “Which teacher is responsible for the outing and daytime study”

Several teachers of the summer camp looked at each other, all thinking that Shi Yunan was going to “punish” them, so they didnt dare to make a sound.

In the end, a quiet-looking female teacher took the initiative to step forward and say, “Hello, Im one of the teachers in charge.”

“Little Goldfish has been very well-behaved during the day, and he has never had contact with strangers.

The only contact he has had is with the candy stall owner, but it was also purchased under my watchful eye and consent.”

“Im not looking into this.” Shi Yunnan replied.

When he saw the female teachers work card, he took the initiative to hand over the sugar figurines in his hand and say, “Teacher Song You, I want to trouble you with something.”

“……Please say it.”

“Tomorrow morning, can I trouble you to go to the stall and buy three more sugar figurines that are exactly the same”

“These three figurines are all crushed right now.

Im afraid that Little Goldfish will be sad when he comes back and wants to replace them before he finds out.”

Teacher Song was moved when she heard this.

Nowadays, its uncommon for parents to attend to every detail of their childrens development and understand the childrens sensitive minds.

“Of course, leave it to me.”

“Thank you.”

As soon as the words fell, Principal Cheng came back with the list of accompanying staff.


Luo, please take a look.

The first page is the list of our entourage this time, and the second page is the list of teachers who have been in charge of the summer camp.”

“Also, this is a photo taken by all the staff holding the summer camp flag before departure.”

Luo Lingsheng took the lists and examined them one by one with Shi Yunnan.

Flipping through the employee list, Shi Yunnan noticed a familiar name almost instantly.

He calmly tapped the back of Luo Lingshengs hand with his finger as a reminder.

Luo Lingsheng glanced at his lover tacitly from the corner of his eye, and in order not to startle the enemy, he naturally changed the subject, “Yuan Meng, call Uncle Qin and ask him how the ransom is going.”

At this time in the evening, the bank was already closed, and this massive flow of funds really required some effort.

Yuan Meng agreed and followed suit immediately.

Shi Yunnan picked up the phone and said in a low voice, “Im going to call Ning Dean; I need his help with something.”

“En.” Luo Lingsheng answered in a serious manner.

At this moment, he couldnt afford to be jealous.

After Shi Yunnan walked away with the phone, Luo Lingsheng turned on the tablet.

Fortunately, the location icon on the map hadnt changed.

It seemed that as long as he didnt intentionally disturb him, Luo Yanchuan planned to stay overnight in the same place with Little Goldfish.

Western suburbs of Fang City.

On the dilapidated cement-pasted wall, the word “demolition” was written in bold.

This area was designated as a new development zone three months ago, and now the residents have all moved out.

As far as the eye could see, there were only pieces of old concrete houses left in ruins.

Sewer pipes were clogged throughout the street.

The sewage water on the ground floor flooded the wooden threshold, quietly emitting a foul stench in the night.

Little Goldfish cowered meekly on a peeling leather sofa, hands and feet bound, and a piece of tape was stuck on his mouth as he watched the iron door that was pulled up warily.

His mind kept echoing what Shi Yunnan said, trying to turn fear into courage.

— patter.

There was the sound of treading water outside the house, and a familiar figure appeared outside the iron door.

The rusty sliding door issued sharp and piercing friction sounds again and again.

Luo Yanchuan took off his wide face-covering hat and closed the second iron door with a gloomy and foul face.

His mouth and chin were covered with cyan stubble, the sides of his cheeks continued to be thin and sunken, his eyes were bloodshot, and under his eyes were dark circles that wouldnt go away…

After half a month, he had already lost the slightest demeanor of the “rich young master” of the past, and just like what he said on the phone, he has become an out-and-out desperate man.

Luo Yanchuan walked up to Little Goldfish and threatened with a hoarse voice, “Ill take off your tape now, so dont yell, do you understand”

Little Goldfish nodded quietly.

Three seconds later, the tape sticking to his mouth fell off in an instant, causing a burning pain.

Little Goldfish pursed his lips, and called softly, “…Brother Yanchuan.”

Although there was an age difference of twenty years between the two, according to the family tree, they were indeed brothers from the side branch.

Little Goldfish didnt have much contact with Luo Yanchuan since he was a child, but he knew this person.

When Luo Yanchuan heard the word “brother,” the coldness in his eyes froze for a moment, and then he refused even more vigorously, “Dont pretend to be obedient to me here.

I cant afford to be called “brother” by you, little young master.”


Hearing his tone and seeing his own bound hands and feet, Little Goldfish was still a little aggrieved and scared.

Todays summer camp ended early, so at the request of the students, the homeroom teachers decided to take them to the play area on the first floor.

Originally, Little Goldfish had a good time playing in the ocean ball area, but his little friend who roomed with him suddenly said he wanted to go to the toilet urgently and insisted on dragging him along.

As a result, after the little friend finished using the toilet, he left Little Goldfish behind as he couldnt wait to go back to play.

Little Goldfish, who was left behind, was unhappy while washing his hands alone in front of the sink.

Before he could react, someone covered his mouth from behind, picked him up, and ran away.

Thinking of this, Little Goldfish felt a little sad.

Luo Yanchuan discarded the small bag and watch that he was carrying with him.

Fortunately, he listened to his uncle and put the small black card on top of his underwear every day after taking a shower…

His uncle said that as long as the little black card was there, no matter where he was, he would never get lost.

Moreover, his little uncle promised on the phone just now that, as long as he was brave for one night, he would be able to see his little uncle and the others tomorrow.


Just as he was thinking, Little Goldfishs stomach made an obvious and eager sound.

Luo Yanchuan, who heard the movement, coldly looked over and sneered, “Are you hungry”


Little Goldfish shook his head, took a deep breath, and flattened his stomach.

He was caught before dinner.

It has been four or five hours now, and he was naturally hungry.

Luo Yanchuan took two steps forward and untied the thick rope from Little Goldfishs hands.

The spot tied by the rope was slightly red but not particularly serious.

Obviously, Little Goldfish didnt purposely struggle.

Luo Yanchuan said, “When I wasnt here, you didnt think about escaping Are you too timid or scared silly”

Little Goldfish cupped his own small hand and didnt say a word.

Hes not a fool, so why would he run around in a strange place

If he couldnt escape, he would almost certainly be scolded and beaten if he was caught.

Even if he escaped, what if Little Uncle and the others couldnt find him tomorrow

Luo Yanchuan threw a piece of bread into his hands and said, “Eat it quickly; I cant afford to lose even a cent.”

“Thank you.”

Little Goldfish picked up the bread and gave another obedient cry.


Luo Yanchuan was stunned by the childs attitude and sneered, “How did vengeful people like Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan raise such a softie like you”

“Does a person like you deserve to be the heir of the Luo family when you grow up What a lucky fate.”

A child born with a silver spoon.

Hes not like him, who had a pair of useless parents.

Thats why he was reduced to the current situation.

Little Goldfish didnt answer.

Taking advantage of Luo Yanchuans inattention, he touched the edge of his underwear in the dark.

The little black card was still pinned to the top without falling off.

Little Goldfish felt relieved.

He nibbled the bread little by little.

When Luo Yanchuan heard the honest and obedient chewing sound, a ripple of uncertainty shook at the bottom of his eyes.

In fact, he knew it very well in his heart.

In this confrontation, it appeared that he, the hostage-taker, had the upper hand.

In fact, he put himself in a situation where “one step back is a dead end.”

Luo Yanchuan was not reconciled to his fate, so he put his life on the line to get the money.

If Little Goldfish had an accident while in his hand, with Luo Lingshengs temperament, he could do anything to him.

Little Goldfish was both a tool for collecting money and a ticking time bomb.

Of course, if Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan pushed him too hard, he wouldnt mind lighting this bomb and causing death.

Suddenly, the phone vibrated because of an incoming text message.

Luo Yanchuan opened it.

In the darkness, the faint light of the mobile phone screen reflected his expression, and finally, a gleam of joy flashed across his gloomy face all day long.

He has already planned the route to “smuggle” himself out of the country.

First, he will take a black car on the road from Fang City to the border, and then use a false identity to fly overseas.

This text message was the route notice.

As long as he can get the 300 million, he can still change his name and surname to stand up overseas again!

After eating the bread, Little Goldfish still curled up on the sofa, secretly observed Luo Yanchuan for a while, then closed his eyes and pretended to rest.

Hes scared, but hes going to be brave.

Luo Yanchuan saw the posture of Little Goldfish and knew that he could not escape under his nose for a while, so he went to the window to smoke.

One mouthful after another, the smoke swirled around him.

When he escaped from his house that day, the alcohol in his body hadnt completely dissipated.

In the situation where he accidentally hit someone, his first thought was to run away.

When he sobered up, he regretted it a lot, but there was no longer any available option for him.

Since the police issued the official report, Luo Yanchuan hadnt had a good nights sleep and spent the whole night smoking.

One wrong step led to another wrong one.

Since it was all wrong, let it be all wrong to the end! Now, as long as he survives another day, he can be liberated.

At daybreak, Luo Yanchuan used the encrypted mobile phone number to make a call.

At the same time, Luo Lingsheng, who was waiting for the call, answered immediately, “Hello.”

“It doesnt feel good to stay up all night, right Patriarch Luo.”

Luo Lingsheng turned on the speaker so that Shi Yunnan and the others could hear clearly, “When is the deal”

“I knew that the Luo Group had a lot of money, but it took only a few hours to gather 300 million”

“Ill report the card number to you, and when Im sure Ive received the money…”

“No!” Shi Yunnan answered in place of Luo Lingsheng, “We must see Little Goldfish and make sure he is safe and sound!”

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone, then Luo Yanchuan said in displeasure, “Shi Yunnan, youre not qualified to negotiate terms with me now.

The child is still in my hands, so you must listen to me.”

The hoarse voice over the phone was full of malice.

Luo Lingsheng frowned and repeated what his lover said, “Its impossible to pay you in advance.

Set the time and place; I have to see Jinyu.

The person and the money must be exchanged at the same time.”

They were betting, betting that Luo Yanchuan on the other end of the phone valued money over his life.

The silence continued on both ends of the phone, and eventually it was Luo Yanchuan who took a step back and said, “Come over at eight, Ill give you the address last.”

He didnt want the other party to know the address in advance, lest they come up with a rescue plan.

Luo Yanchuan continued, “I want an additional three million in cash.

Dont blame me for not reminding you.

If you dare to let me see the shadow of the police, I cant guarantee that I wont do something stupid in a fit of anger.”

Luo Lingsheng held his breath and replied, “Okay.”

Eight in the morning.

Shi Yunnan followed Luo Yanchuans step-by-step instructions and drove to the vicinity of Yanshan Highway on time.

There was only one straight road to and from this soon-to-be abandoned mountain road.

One side of the road was a mountain wall, and the other side was a slope forest with a vertical height difference of more than ten meters.

At this point in the morning, there were no extra vehicles passing by at all, which was perfect driving in an “emergency.”

According to Luo Yanchuans request, Shi Yunnan parked the car ten meters away, got out of the car with a large suitcase containing cash, and approached the opposite white and black car with a fake license plate step by step.

The car window rolled down, revealing Luo Yanchuans almost unrecognizable fierce face, “Stand there.”


Shi Yunnan stopped and obeyed, “Wheres Jinyu”

“Why panic Can I still eat a child”

Luo Yanchuan got out of the car from the front row, opened the door of the rear compartment, and pulled out the tied-up Little Goldfish.

Little Goldfish still had dull hair sticking up on his head, and his cheeks were smeared with dust from somewhere.

The moment he saw Shi Yunnan, his pretend toughness finally had a crack.

“Little uncle.”

Shi Yunnans heart softened beyond words just by hearing him say that.

Luo Yanchuan took out a small fruit knife from his sleeve and immediately pressed the blade against Little Goldfishs neck, asking, “How is it Im doing business with integrity.”

“Luo Yanchuan! Put down the knife!”

“Shi Yunnan, youre not qualified to negotiate terms with me!”

Luo Yanchuan brought the knife closer again and demanded through gritted teeth, “Open the suitcase now, and take it to my car after I confirm it!”

“There is also the 300 million I want, transfer it to me right now!”

The cold blade was on Little Goldfishs neck, and the slightest carelessness would cause danger, “Little uncle, Im afraid…”

“Dont be afraid, Little Goldfish.

I have prepared a lot of delicious food and will take you away later.”

Shi Yunnan comforted him while clenching the handle of the suitcase tightly, “Luo Yanchuan, as long as you dont hurt the child, Ill do it.”

“Hurry up! I dont have time!”

Its dangerous to delay this kind of thing for even a second.

Shi Yunnan did what he was told, step by step, until he approached Luo Yuanchaun, who was still raising the knife in his hand.

“Ill give you the cash first.”

Shi Yunnan quickly and accurately threw the suitcase into the car.

He looked at Little Goldfish from less than one meter away and tentatively stated, “Luo Yanchuan, let the child go, and Ill be your hostage instead.”

“At that time, Ill ask them to transfer the money to your account.”

Luo Yanchuan held on to the knife tightly.

Hearing Shi Yunnans proposal, he rejected it with disdain, “Shi Yunnan, do you think Im stupid Youre an adult with arms and legs; why should I take you as a hostage”

“Return it to me! Send me the money now! Immediately!” Luo Yanchuans forehead was soaked with sweat as he squeezed out threats from between his teeth.

Because of tension and nervousness, his arm holding Little Goldfish exerted too much force.

Little Goldfish turned pale with pain.

He wanted to cry, but remembering Luo Lingshengs teaching that “a man should not shed tears,” he held it back.

Shi Yunnan couldnt bear to let Little Goldfish suffer.

He was afraid that he would “drive Luo Yanchuan crazy,” so he retreated to the side of his car without saying a word and helped Luo Lingsheng in the back row of his car down.

When Luo Yanchuan saw Luo Lingsheng, his heartstrings, which had been relaxed for a moment, tensed again, “I told you! Only one person can come!”

“Im a person with a disability; are you afraid of me”

Luo Lingsheng sat quietly in the wheelchair and asked questions calmly.

He operated the complicated account interface on the computer and gave his own conditions, “Luo Yanchuan, listen to me carefully.”

“First, I promise you everything on the premise of not hurting the child.”

“Second, Ill transfer 100 million to your account first, and Ill continue to transfer you the rest of the money once Jinyu is returned to us.”

Luo Yanchuan narrowed his eyes, “I said you guys are not qualified…”

“You dont trust Yunnan as a hostage, so let me do it.”

Luo Lingsheng seized the chance to speak, “Compared to Jinyu, a child, Im the current head of the Luo family.”

“Youre smart enough to know which has more leverage”

Luo Yanchuans pupils shrank slightly, and his Adams apple rolled nervously.

He naturally knew which one had the bigger stake, and now that the police didnt show up, it didnt mean that he wouldnt be caught by the police when he ran away.

A cripple who has limited mobility but is worth a lot of money is indeed more suitable as a hostage.

To win the gamble, one must be ruthless.

In the case where the fish die and the net splits1魚死網破 [yú sǐ wǎng pò]: A life and death struggle., its better to drag Luo Lingsheng to death together than to drag a child.


If death is imminent, he must drag Luo Lingsheng to hell!

Luo Yanchuan had previously learned about underground accounts in foreign countries.

As long as the money was received, only he, as the party involved, could withdraw the money in the future with the secret key.

It would never be intercepted halfway.

“First transfer 150 million.” Luo Yanchuan raised his chips; right now he had to get more money to run away.


Luo Lingsheng suppressed the hostility in the depths of his pupils while feigning indifference on the surface.

After some hesitation, he responded.

After receiving the private message confirming the transfer, Luo Yanchuan strangled Little Goldfishs neck with one hand, threw the thick rope in the car with the other, and demanded, “Shi Yunnan, tie his hands in a death knot in front of me.”


Shi Yunnan took a deep breath and forced down the anger in his heart to do as he was told.

After all, the knife was still resting on Little Goldfishs neck, threatening his and Luo Lingshengs lives.

5 minutes later

Luo Lingsheng sat in the co-pilots seat of the black car, and the second step of the transfer was also successfully completed.

Luo Yanchuan finally threw away Little Goldfish like garbage at the last moment.

Shi Yunnan picked up the child and withdrew from the range of space where Luo Yanchuan could harm him.

“Little uncle wuwuwuwu…”

Little Goldfishs tear ducts finally exploded.

He cried until he was out of breath.

Shi Yunnan immediately untied the rope that bound Little Goldfish, and carefully checked his whole body.

His wrists and neck were only slightly scratched, and although there were some bloodstains, it wasnt serious.

“Dont be afraid; its all right; little uncle is here.”

Shi Yunnan kissed Little Goldfishs forehead and held him in his arms with distress, avoiding any further contact with any images related to Luo Yanchuan.

At the same time, Luo Yanchuan, who hastily got into the car, was about to start the engine and leave.

Suddenly, Luo Lingsheng, who was lying on the co-pilot, said in a deep voice, “Luo Yanchuan, youre a brainless fool from the beginning to the end.”


1魚死網破 [yú sǐ wǎng pò]: A life and death struggle.-

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