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Jiang Feng stroked his chin seeing Kerry Financial Companys profits.

Indeed, the acquisition would be undoubtedly difficult as ascending to the heavens.

However, he would not change his plan, especially after Lin Miaoxues reminder.

In the end, he said lightly, “At this point, we can only continue forward.

Luo Yuchang failed to acquire Cinda back then, but he has yet to give up.

He wont give up.

His target isnt just Cinda, but me as well.”

Zhang Qidong suggested, “President Jiang, why dont we switch from offense to defense”

Zhang Qidong really did not want to see Cinda fall into another crisis.

After all, the probability of success was very low for the acquisition of Kerry Financial Company.

Based on his experience and observation, he was inclined to say it was impossible.

He wanted to dream big as well, but he was also realistic.

They were already very lucky to make money from Pork Inc..

Jiang Feng was very firm as he said, “No, Ive already decided.

I must acquire Kerry.


Lin Miaoxue was shocked and perplexed.

Why was Jiang Feng so confident Did he have something or know someone Although Jiang Feng was remarkable, she did not think it justified such confidence.

After all, Luo Yuchang had been in the industry for a long time.

His experience and methods were superior to those of Jiang Feng.

Upon hearing Jiang Fengs words, Zhang Qidong and Song Yaozhong exchanged a look.

Their hands trembled as they continued with the presentation.

The next slide detailed Luo Yuchangs style.

“Hes quick, accurate, and ruthless.

This is his way of doing things.

Ive experienced it, after all.

Thats how he successfully dealt with small companies,” Zhang Qidong said nervously.

He brought a handkerchief out and wiped the beads of sweat on his forehead.

“Kerry annexed Century Source, a company that was about the same level as his.

Century Source was about to attack the internal market when Kerry suddenly intervened and forced Century Source to bankruptcy.

The owner of Century Source could not accept this and jump out of his companys building.

Not only did he leave his family behind, but he left a debt to his son as well.

Its truly tragic,” Song Yaozhong, who was at the side, said.

He could not help but feel chills running up his spine.

Zhang Qidong had almost been pushed to the same state as the owner of Century Source previously.

Who knew what would happen if Jiang Feng did not turn things around

With Jiang Fengs current plan, Zhang Qidong and Song Yaozhong were afraid of falling into the same situation again.

At the same time, they lamented that Jiang Feng was too young and rash.

Alas, they did not own Cinda Financial anymore.

They did not have a say, but they were also unwilling to see Cinda Falling into dire straits again.

A thought appeared in Jiang Fengs mind as he asked, “What about Kerrys recent activities”

Zhang Qidongs expression turned serious as he said, “I heard that Luo Yuchang is withdrawing his capitals.

He had lost quite a lot of money after his failure to acquire Cinda, after all.”

Luo Yuchang was like a school of piranhas.

Once they entered the water, there would be no coming back.

If they targeted Kerry Financial Company, would they be able to survive The situation looked bleak.

It felt like they would lose even before the war started.

“President Jiang, I think its better that we postpone the acquisition of Kerry.

Kerry is just too powerful.

Even if Kerry lost money, with Luo Yuchangs ability, it wont take long for him to make up for the loss,” Zhang Qidong said again in an attempt to dissuade Jiang Feng.

If Kerry Financial Company had bones, the bones would be as tough as diamonds.

Perhaps, ordinary bones could be slowly ground into dust, but they would break their own teeth trying to grind bones as hard as diamonds.

Zhang Qidong really dared not imagine what would happen to Cinda Financial in the future if they proceeded with the plan.

It seemed to Zhang Qidong that he had to make preparations for the rainy days ahead.

He wondered if he should retire and just rest at home.

However, he was really unwilling.

He had been through many things and had just made a comeback.

He really wanted to start all over again, but the situation now seemed really hopeless.

Song Yaozhong chimed in, “Thats right, President Jiang.

I agree with Zhang Qidong.

Unlike Kerry, if Cinda suffers a loss, itll be difficult to make a comeback.

At that time, it wont be just Kerry.

Other companies will also take advantage of the situation and fight to annex us.

If we continue, were only benefiting them.

All they need to do is just sit back and wait for the right time to act.”

Previously, Song Yaozhong had failed to stop Zhang Qidong from making a mistake.

Now, he felt like he could not just watch as Jiang Feng, who had just taken office, walked down the same path.

He had poured his blood, sweat, and tears into Cinda Financial; he was unwilling to see it fall.

It was better to maintain the stability of the company and continue doing small businesses.

He would be satisfied even if they only made a few million from each deal.

“Things are always difficult in the beginning.

Its not like its an impossible task.

There are pros and cons to everything, and we can just look at the cons,” Jiang Feng said calmly.

However, he was also slightly worried inwardly.

Indeed, from the looks of it, it really did seem like Cinda Financial did not stand a chance at all.

However, Jiang Feng did not think it was an impossible feat.

Luo Yuchang was human; he would inevitably have flaws.

As long as they catch his weakness, they would be able to deal with Kerry Financial Company.

“President Jiang, if we fail, well really lose the company this time.

Why dont we consider the bigger picture and take our time What do you think” Zhang Qidong asked in a low voice as he sighed inwardly.

It was not that Zhang Qidong had never been young and rash.

However, he had been tempered by time and reality.

Everyone was different.

There was a difference in IQ, ability, appearance, and so on.

Some people were born to be kings while some people could only be peasants.

Zhang Qidong thought that he was a little lucky.

He started from scratch and managed to carve out a little space for himself in the industry.

He earned decent money, and his company was relatively stable.

He lived his life safely without taking risks.

Alas, the one time he charged forward boldly, he almost destroyed his hard work.

Fortunately, he got lucky again and managed to save the company.

As such, he was determined not to take risks or charge forward boldly again.

If the company faced a crisis again, he was not sure there would be anyone to save it this time.

He really did not want to lose and could not afford to lose.

Jiang Feng shook his head and analyzed the situation clearly.

“Luo Yuchang is determined to acquire Cinda.

He wont let Cinda go.

Not when he had planned for such a long time for it.

We cant be passive and play it safe.

Well only end up harming ourselves if we do that.

Right now, we can only fight with our backs against the wall.

We cant be intimidated, and we have to take the initiative to strike first.”

Zhang Qidong was filled with self-blame as he said, “You have a point, President Jiang.

Its all my fault.

If I didnt fall into Luo Yuchangs trap, perhaps, I wouldnt be in that situation.” After a moment, he seemed to have made uphis mind as he asked, “President Jiang, what should we do now”


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